Macaque Sleeping Area Research: Understanding the Impact of Logging

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One of the very important functions the forest provides for Barbary macaques is shelter from predators and from weather. Barbary macaques are one of the only species of monkey found in an environment where it snows, and so it is extremely important that they find a safe sleeping location which protects from the cold, wind, rain, and snow overnight. MPC has been conducting research on where macaques choose to sleep and how that relates to forest structure, mapping specific areas used as sleeping sites around the Azrou forest in Ifrane National Park, identifying characteristics important to sleeping areas so the results can be applied more generally to other areas of Barbary macaque range, and understanding how sleeping areas are influenced by legal and illegal logging. These results will help to prioritize areas of forest for protection and guide future conservation actions and forest management decisions.

Read the presentation abstract from MPC’s 10 Years of Barbary Macaque Conservation Conference to learn more about this important research!

MACAQUE TREEMPC’s research on macaque sleeping trees will help us understand the impact of logging on the macaques. Finding a safe place to sleep which shelters from predators and from weather is especially important during poor winter weather. 

EXAMPLE OF ILLEGAL LOGGINGAn example of illegal logging. Shepherds prune the branches of cedar trees to provide fodder for livestock, resulting in trees with fewer branches. MPC’s research on macaque sleeping trees will help us understand how these actions affect the macaques.

TREE MEASUREMENTSVolunteer Thibault helping measure trees so we can understand how macaque’s choice of sleeping trees relates to general forest characteristics.

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