Deterring and Stopping Poachers with a Team of Anti-Poaching Eco-Guards

10/15/2015News, Uncategorized

A team of 7 Eco-Guards have been working since July to prevent poaching and monitor other illegal activities throughout the park. Guards patrol day and night to deter and stop poachers, working closely with the Moroccan authorities from the HCEFLCD to combat illegal activities.

GUARD TRAININGEco-Guards being trained to use various equipment to monitor for poachers

So far the project has been very successful. Three suspected poaching attempts have been successfully stopped by the guards, and the presence of the guards is believed to have prevented poaching in the region. The number of infants in several groups are monitored regularly to assess for poaching, and so far no infants in any group have been recorded missing. The hard work by the eco-guards has been effective at combatting the poaching of infants!

INFANTThe number of infants in several known groups is monitored, and so far no infants in these groups have been recorded missing.

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