Camera traps for monitoring illegal human activities and wildlife diversity and distribution

10/15/2015News, Uncategorized

Several camera traps have been placed throughout the forest which monitor 24 hours a day, both day and night. The cameras are placed strategically in order to monitor for any illegal activities which the Eco-Guards may miss, including illegal logging, charcoal burning, poaching, and hunting. The cameras have so far captured one illegal wild boar hunt during the night.

The cameras also capture the wonderful diversity of animal life in Ifrane National Park. Monkeys, foxes (Vulpes vulpes), wolves (Canis anthus), genets (Genetta genetta), hare (Lepus capensis), hedgehogs (Atelerix algirus), and wildcats (Felix lybica) are just some of the species we have photographed with the traps. Protecting this habitat benefits not only the monkeys but all these species which rely on the forests of Ifrane National Park. Exploring the interactions between wildlife diversity and distribution and human impact can help us better understand our impact on nature.

Keep an eye on the facebook and website for more beautiful pictures of the wildlife in Ifrane National Park!

CAMERA TRAPEco-guard Team Leader Mohamed placing one of the camera traps. Photo by Liz Campbell.

GENNETCommon gennet

MOTHER AND INFANTFemale macaque with infant

RED FOXRed fox

WILD BOARFamily of wild boar

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